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Can we use spring hinges as closing device on fire-resisting doors?

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What is spring hinge?

In European Standard:

Spring hinge, whether single or double action, embody a spring for the storage of energy but do not have a system for controlling and regulating the closing function. They provide their lowest closing power at, or near, the door closed position and, therefore, on latched doors, are unlikely to overcome latch resistance.

On unlatched doors they are unlikely to hold the door leaf closed against the pressures known to exist in fire situations until any heat activated sealing system has operated.

They do not contain a damped , or controlled closing mechanism and they are unlikely to achieve the minimum power size 3 for use on fire-resisting doors or to comply with the performance requirements of BS EN 1154.

They are NOT recommended for fire doors which require a self-closing device according to Approved Document B 2006

But in American Standard, certain models of spring hinges have been tested and approved for use on fire-rated openings. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publication #80 -’Standard for Fire Doors and Windows’ permits the use of listed spring hinges on fire-rated openings, provided that two spring hinges are used in conjunction with one listed anti- friction or ball-bearing hinge.

When do you use a Spring hinge?

Spring hinges contain a spring, which can be wound, creating closing tension, Unlike door closers, spring hinges can’t control the closing speed of a door. Doors hung on spring hinges typically close very rapidly.

Approved Document B of the Building Regulations no longer requires door closers to be fitted to internal doors in dwelling houses and flats. However, simple door closers will still be needed for dwellings built before April 2007. There are other places where these closers can be used. Non-fire doors which require a light closing force, might be an example.

In North America, frequently used on dwelling unit(apartment, hotel and motel unit) entrances, spring hinges are used, in lieu of door closers, to ensure the doors are kept in the closed position.

Spring Door Hinges-DDSS033Spring Door Hinges-DDSS037SS Spring Hinge-DDSS038

D and D's stainless steel hinges are used for rigorous safety testing (including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA) for education, health-care, hospitality, residential and commercial applications.

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