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  • [Product Information] What is the difference between flush hinge and flat hinge?

    A hinge is a piece of metal that connects two parts together. It is often used in the installation of doors, windows and cabinet doors. That's the stainless steel sheet that fixes the door in our house. There are two kinds of door hinges in the market: flush hinges and flat hinges. So in terms of ap

  • [Product Information] What is the difference between interior and exterior door hinges?

    A door, referring to a building entrance or exit, or an apparatus that can be opened and shut at the entrance and exit. It is a device that divides a limited space and connects or blocks the entrance and exit of two or more spaces. Doors can be classified into interior doors and exterior doors. Func

  • [Product Information] The Daily Maintenance of Stainless Steel Door Handles

    For a high-quality door, in addition to the material and manufacturing process of the door, the hardware accessories of the door are also very important. Its quality and proper maintenance will affect the service life of the entire door. Hardware accessories are an important part of the door, especi

  • [Product Information] How does the door lock cylinder work?

    The lock cylinder is an important part of the lock, and it is the main part that controls the unlocking of the lock. The lock core and the key can rotate and drive the core of the lock bolt. The main function of the lock cylinder is to twist the square tongue of the mortise lock, starting the inclin

  • [Product Information] How does a Euro mortise lock work?

    The design of the mortise lock is very popular. It is a commonly used lock and is often used in commercial applications. They are sturdy and reliable, with diversified structures, and have withstood the test of time. In fact, these mortises can resist bad weather and use for decades in old houses an

  • [Product Information] Hanging for Door System

    Door hardware has a very important position in the modern complex function architectural building project. Firstly,door hinge for door system. What should we pay attention to when installing hinges?1. Understand the structure of the hingeStainless steel hinge is the most popular type of hinge on the

  • [Product Information] Conventional hinges with Doors

    Traditional hinges with Doors There are four basic actions to follow when selecting or scheduling hardware. These measures follow the logical sequence in the hardware could be installed:1) Hang the door2) Secure the door3) Control the door4) Protect the door Just as the quality o

  • [Product Information] How many types of European mortise locks are there?

    The mortise lock is one of the components of the door lock. The mortise lock is generally used on the security door and is responsible for the security function of the door. There are many kinds of locks. There are three kinds of common mortise locks: European mortise locks, American mortice locks,

  • [Product Information] What are the advantages of stainless steel door handles?

    After selecting the door, the next step is to determine the hardware used for the door. From the aspect of door handle, we should not only consider the style, but also ensure that the door handle matches the interior decoration. In the long run, users should also consider which material is the most

  • [Product Information] How do Mortise Locks Work?

    The mortise lock is a very popular and ancient design that has stood the test of time. They are sturdy and reliable. Their structures are also relatively diverse. Modern mortise locks are a popular lock often used in the security industry of commercial locksmiths. Its rugged design has stood the tes

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