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UL Listed Door Hardware Types

As a professional UL Door Hardware manufacturer, D&D can supply full set UL Listed door hardware(UL 10C fire rated 3 hours) , Our quality fulfills expectation of most famous branding customers, can assist you find the right solution most suitable for your needs, dedicated to a mutually-rewarding.

Fire Exit Hardware

D&D Fire Exit Hardware available in SS Grade 304 and painted steel, silver finish.UL listed (3 hour fire rated), comply to ANSI/BHMA Grade 1- 500,000 cycles tested. Suitable for use on fire rated doors.


Fire Rated Door Hinge

D&D Ball Bearing Butt Hinge can be in grade 201/304/316 stainless steel material, square corner, template drilled, button tipped five knuckles, UL Listed (3 hour fire rated), with UL Mark, ANSI/BHMA A156.1 Grade 2 certified.


Fire Rated Door Closer

D&D Swinging Door Closer in casting aluminum alloy material silver finish, UL Listed (3 hour fire rated), adjustable closing and latching speed, suitable for wood door, metal door and fire door.


Fire Rated Door Lock

D&D Door Lock Standard(s) for Safety ANSI / UL 10C.Positive Pressure of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies.ULC-S104-15-R2020,Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies.



Requirements Of UL Listed Door Hardware

Door Hinge: R38013 Fire Exit Hardware:R40486
Door Closer:R40717 Door Lock:R40901


Fire-rated openings are used to compartmentalize a building or space to prevent the spread of flame, smoke and toxic gases. The 2019 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, establishes the criteria that fire-rated doors and frames must meet.

NFPA 80 requires side hinged and pivoted fire-rated doors and frames to be tested in accordance with established testing methods and procedures listed in NFPA 252, Standard Methods of Fire Test of Door Assemblies


General Requirements for fire-rated openings
Chapter 4 of NFPA 80 covers the general requirements for all types of fire-rated assemblies. It defines the requirements for hardware preparations, glazing limitations, classifications of hardware for fire doors, and sills.
Fire-rated door assemblies consist of a:
Fire-rated frame
Fire-rated door
Labeled/Listed hanging device.
Labeled latching device.
Listed door closing device.

Remark: Mechanical hold-open devices are not permitted to be used on fire-rated openings.

Labeled/Listed hanging device:

Labeled conventional hinges installed on fire-rated doors must be made from steel(ferrous) or stainless-steel metals. Ball bearing or antifriction bearing hinges are required to be used to ensure that the doors swing easily. Labeled pivots and continuous hinges also have bearings that permits the doors to operate easily.

NFPA 80 requires fire-rated openings to have two conventional hinges on openings up to 60 inches in height. One additional hinge is required for each additional 30 inches of door height or fraction thereof.

Where spring hinges are used, at least two shall be provided, they are not required to be ball bearing, but shall be labeled.

Labeled latching device.

Latching devices on fire-rated doors must be labeled for use on fire-rated assemblies. Latch bolts are not permitted to be mechanically held in the retracted position.

Locks with interconnected deadbolts that retract when the latch bolt is retracted shall be permitted for use on fire doors in a means of egress.

The throw of single point latch bolts shall not be less than the minimum shown on the label of the fire doors.

Fire exit hardware consists of exit devices that have been tested and labeled for use on fire-rated openings. A label is attached to fire exit hardware in compliance with NFPA 80. Unlike panic hardware, fire exit hardware is not permitted to be mechanically dogged open.


Fire-rated doors that are required to have an exit device will have labels that state “Fire Door to Be Equipped with Fire Exit Hardware.” Only exit devices that have been tested and labeled for use on fire-rated assemblies can be used. Typically, doors with this label have been internally reinforced to receive the fasteners that attach fire exit hardware to the doors.


Labeled manually operated flush and surface bolts are permitted to be used on the inactive leaf of a pair doors where acceptable by the AHJ. This provision limits their use to rooms not normally occupied such as transformer vaults and storage rooms.

Pairs of fire doors that are needed for the movement of equipment where the inactive leaf is not required for egress purposes, are required to have labeled automatic or self-latching flush bolts or labeled two-point latches.

Listed door closing device.

Fire-rated doors must be able to swing easily in order for door closers to efficiently close the doors. NFPA 80 separates the closing operation of doors into three categories:

1, Self-Closing

Door closers on self-closing fire-rated doors return the door to the closed position and cause the latch to engage the strike after each opening cycle of the door. The door closers are not permitted to have a hold-open mechanism.


2, Automatic -Closing

Automatic-closing fire-rated doors are held open, either by an electrified door closer or by hold-open devices such as wall magnets that automatically release immediately upon actuation of the fire alarm system or power failure. When power is removed, the door-holding device releases, allowing the closer to close the door.


3, Power Operated Fire Doors

Power-operated fired doors are doors that are normally opened and closed by operators. In the case of fire or a power failure. The operators must release and allow the doors to function manually.

UL Listed Door Hardware Solution

UL Listed Door Hardware Project

D&D fire rated door Hardware comply to ANSI,BHMA,UL and BS EN/CE, Suitable for Residential Building, Office Building,Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Government applications.We can supply international branded quality at factory cost with mechanical guarantee and after sales service.
Office Building

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