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Entertainment & Leisure Facilities


Stadiums, arenas and theaters serve many people with exceptional access and egress needs together with time and volume considerations that dictate the access rights provided.  D&D provides the ideal solutions for safety and security. Museums contain valuable cultural artifacts which need protection. The door lock and hardware system must harmonize with the design of this construction whilst providing the great security.


School facilities

The buildings have to be shielded unauthorized people, theft or vandalism. The demands vary between preschools, elementary, middle schools and high schools. Accessibility which serves student & staff demands in key time of this afternoon is very important to restrain and protect.


Sports centers

Sports centers have rental locations and luxury boxes that require suitable but detailed access control. Controlling shrinkage and losses at a busy environment can be a challenge that demands the access control system ensures only authorized individuals have access to such facilities. Emergency egress for 1000s of men and women is important, emphasizing the demand for recognized business lock systems that meet state & local guidelines for safe evacuation.


The right security in the right place

With D&D’s product solutions, you have the right security while in the right place. The capacity to combine mechanical locking and electronic access control features within a ultra-effective security solution that matches your existing and prospective needs.



Higher educational institutions are available to the population they serve and may become the aim for crimes of opportunity. Valuable art, podcasts, studios, school staff and students equally may be endangered. D&D high security systems meet the distinctive needs of these institutions throughout the physical protections of these cylinders and from providing superior master keying capability.

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