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  • [Door Hardware Installation] Are your doors fitted on the correct hinges?
    Hoop in hardware, perhaps lots of people get the idea of it, however, don't underestimate it. Hoop is the center of door suspension system, on which the opening and closing of a door depends entirely. Provided that the hinge is installed in the incorrect place of the door, the door will not be able
  • [Door Hardware Installation] How to correctly select and install door hinges?
    Door hinges are one of the hardware accessories used to connect or rotate the device so that the door can be opened and closed freely by the hinge. There are many types of door hinges, such as fire door hinges, metal door hinges, European door hinges, etc. Generally, hinges consist of a pair of meta
  • [Door Hardware Installation] How to maintain fire door hinges?
    A fire door is a door that can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability, integrity and thermal insulation within a certain period of time. It is mainly used as an opening door at firewalls, stairwell entrances, evacuation routes, pipe shaft openings, etc. A fire door is usually used to pro
  • [Door Hardware Installation] How to install fire door hinges?
    The fire door hinge is a small part of the fire door installation hidden between the door and the frame, but it is an important connection to achieve the opening and closing of the fire door. The biggest advantage of the fire door hinge is that it does not deform in high temperature environments and
  • [Door Hardware Installation] How to properly install the door hinges on the door?
    Door hardware has a very important place in modern, functionally complex building projects. First and foremost are the door hinges of the door system.Now let's talk about what you should pay attention to in the process of installing the hinges. 1. A brief understanding of the structure of the hinge
  • [Door Hardware Installation] How to adjust a door hinge
    The door can be said to be very important furniture, because the door used everywhere. Therefore, the door hinge is a very important hardware accessory for the door. If the door hinge is damaged or worn, the door cannot be opened easily. Them,let us introduce to you how to adjust the door hinge..The
  • [Door Hardware Installation] Installation of floor spring
    Floor spring installation is not a simple job.It should be done by the skilled persons.Wrongly installation may cause noice,oil leaking or speed problems.The steps are as below:1.Choose the suitable floor spring according to the door weight and width.2.Decide the ground digging hole position and si
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