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Floor & Wall Mounted Door Stopper

Door stopper is a big classification, its type includes floor mounted door stop, wall mounted door stop, door holder, magnetic door stop,
security door stopper, plunger type door stop, kick-down type door stop etc.As a professional Door Stopper Manufacturer in China, we provide various door stopper, our door holder are silent buffer, anti-rust , high quality and durable, they can meet your local requirements.
Floor Mounted Type Half Moon Door Stopper
Modern Commercial Door Magnetic Door Stopper
Stainless Steel Rubber Outdoor Door Stopper
Wall Mounted Type Bathroom Toilet Door Stopper
Modern Commercial Door Stopper
D&D Door Stopper made of stainless steel or zinc alloy, durable and high quality. Available in different finishes, such as silver, golden, matt black, antique brass, antique copper etc.Suitable for wood door,metal door and glass door.
Types of stops that D&D has:
Wall-Mounted Stops
Wall-mounted stops usually are fastened to the wall or to the baseboard near the floor. 
They also may be fastened to the wall six feet or more above the floor, high enough so they are not a hazard.
The wall-mounted stop must be long enough to prevent wall contact from projecting door-mounted hardware items such as the lock trim or closer. An exception to this would be a wall bumper, which is intended to meet the lock trim.
These come in several diameters, with domed (convex) or recessed (concave) rubber center pieces.
The recessed type is intended for use with a push or turn-button lock trim, with the recess receiving these projections.
Floor-Mounted Stops
Floor-mounted door stops can be used in some situations, but should be used only when the door does not open against a wall or partition, since they can create hazard for people and equipment.
Floor-mounted stops vary greatly in height, size, shape and function. The height must be considered carefully because the contact point must be on a solid portion of the door's bottom rail. The stop must be high enough to span the distance from the floor to the bottom rail. In determining the height, allow for thresholds, weatherstripping, adjustable door bottoms, undercutting of the door for ventilation, and carpet clearance.
Size is determined by appearance and strength, considering the door's weight and its impact on the stop. Appropriate fastening also is determined by door weight, impact force and floor type.
Door Holders
Door holders are used to hold the door open at a desired position. Some door holders are door
mounted while others are floor- or wall-mounted.
Plunger Type
One type permitting selective holding positions is the door-mounted, step-on, spring-loaded holder.
When the door is in the desired position, foot pressure forces the plunger to the floor. It is released by depressing a small lever with the foot.
An auxiliary door stop should be used in conjunction with this type of door holder.
Kick-Down Type
The kick-down door holder is a lever or fulcrumtype door holder mounted to the bottom rail of the door on the pull side of the opening. It most commonly is used on self-closing doors.
An auxiliary door stop should be used in conjunction with this type of door holder.
Floor- and Wall-Mounted
Many door holders are stop and holder combined.
Automatic door holders are designed to hold the door whenever engaged and require only a pull on the door to disengage.
Selection of floor- and wall-mounted holders require the same considerations as floor and wall stops. The height of the door bottom from the floor, the material to which the parts of the holder are to be mounted and the projection of other hardware items all must be taken into consideration.
Different Types of Door Stopper
Like kick plates and armor plates, door stops are protection devices. Their purpose is to stop or stop and hold a door at the desired point of its opening cycle. This prevents damage to the door or door frame, its hardware and adjacent walls, furniture, columns or equipment.
          Different Types of Door Stoppers
Zinc Alloy Wood Front Door Stopper
Exterior Door Rubber Door Stopper
Stainless Steel Metal Door Stopper
Antique Copper Door Stopper Types

Exterior & Interior Door Stopper Project

D&D door stopper comply to ANSI,BHMA,UL and BS EN/CE, Suitable for Residential Building, Office Building,Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Government applications.We can supply international branded quality at factory cost with mechanical guarantee and after sales service.
Office Building

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