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Security Flush Door Bolt

D&D Door bolt includes flush bolts,Surface bolts and automatic flush bolt.As a professional Door Bolt Manufacturer in China, we provide various door bolt, our door bolt are silent buffer, anti-rust , high quality and durable, they can meet your local requirements.
Stainless Steel/Brass Lever Action Flush Bolt for Wood Door
Stainless Steel Automatic Flush Bolt for Rebated Double Door
Extension Rod Type Concealed Flush Bolt for Metal Door
Surface Mounted Barrel Tower Bolt
Door Bolt Types
Door bolts provide a means of securing a door from the inside.Reasonable security is usually provided those inside the building without any means of operating the bolt from the outside.Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass are commonly used in the manufacture of bolts for commercial, residential or institutional buildings where design and aesthetics are important factors. Stainless steel bolts, although ferrous, have a high corrosion resistance and are also specified for buildings such as these.
Let’s look at different types of door bolts and see where they are used.
Surface bolts
As their name implies, surface bolts attach to the face of the inactive leaf of the door and extend into a strike attached to the frame and floor or threshold. Surface bolts are available in various sizes and configurations. Some models are designed to be decorative as well as functional.
Barrel bolts are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Typically, barrel bolts are used on residential applications to secure doors, gates and cabinet doors.
Cane bolts are used on large gates or other oversized doors.
Flush bolts
Flush bolts are the most popular type of bolt particularly for use on prestigious buildings and commercial properties where aesthetics and design features are important.
Flush bolts are fitted either into the edge or face of the door leaf. Being recessed, they are less intrusive than a surface mounted bolt and the main purpose is to secure the first closing leaf of a pair of locked doors.
Types of flush bolt
Lever action flush bolt
The shoot is ‘throw’ or ‘withdrawn’ by the action of the lever which is set into the face of the bolt. 
The shoot moves in the direction opposite to the movement of the lever, known as ‘opposite’ action.
1), No projecting parts
2), Can be fixed into the door edge of the first closing leaf of a pair of doors
3), Concealed when the second door leaf is closed – making the door more secure
4), Provide easy physical bolting at the top of high door leaf
5), Be fitted at the top of standard height doors for operation by wheelchair users
Automatic flush bolt
Automatic flush bolts are usually located at the top and bottom of the first closing leaf of a pair of double doors.
Applications are for very tall doors where a long bolt is impractical, also for pairs of doors where it is necessary to have both leaves immediately operable without having to manually release bolts.
Important note regarding flush bolts
Always ensure there is sufficient timber in the door edge to take the bolt. If the meeting stiles are rebated it is essential to select a flush bolt which is sufficiently narrow to suit the joinery. If necessary, the bolts should be fitted to the door face.
It may be necessary to provide a longer flush bolt at the top of the door depending on the height of the leaf. Flush bolts are available packed in sets of two of different lengths, the longer one for the top of the door, and complete with an easy clean floor socket.
Dust proof socket (Concrete)
A dust extruding socket is grouted into concrete. Note the rings around the body to set into the grout. 
It comes with a spring-loaded plunger.
Dust proof socket (timber)
Comes complete with screws for fixing in timber. The center section of this socket can be removed for cleaning purposes.
Additional door security –Mortice bolts
These provide a simple means of increasing security and can be simply retro fitted to existing doors. 
In the domestic residence they be an insurance requirement and can give peace of mind at night.
Most operate on a rack and pinion principle with a ‘spline’ or ‘star’ loose key which is removable and therefore aids security. 
An escutcheon plate frames the hole on the internal door face, and a locking plate set in the frame accepts the bolt when shot.
Commercial Door Flush Bolt
Flush bolts are usually used on double doors. Flush bolts allow one door to remain inactive, but open when required. This door is usually held closed with flush bolts at the top and bottom edges of the door.
        Different Types of Door Bolts
Automatic Flush Bolt for Metal Door
Lever Extension Rod Flush Door Bolts
Heavy Duty Flush Door Bolt
Stainless Steel Tower Bolt Manufacturers

External & Internal Door Bolt Project

D&D door bolt suitable for Residential Building, Office Building,Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Government applications.We can supply international branded quality at factory cost with mechanical guarantee and after sales service.
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