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Most government entities possess a wonderful demand for security along with a superior degree of flexibility. The system has to be field proven, safe and easy to administrate.


Police stations, courts, fire & emergency first responders are all services with very specific security requirements.

It is important that the system can be accommodated to accommodate the situation and also some other hazards that they may encounter.



Military facilities cover a broad selection of activities, large geographical footprint, and buildings using different operational requirements. Offices, training centres and exercise are as need high security protection against unauthorized access.



Correctional institutions and detention facilities have demanding demands for special security methods to protect staff and inmates. Different solutions and systems have been needed depending on the security level of the institution.


High-security means a excellent demand for reliable doors and doors systems. The security system must be based on the big picture, everything from the mechanical features to electronic solutions including as alarms and access control systems.

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