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  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] What are Euro-profile cylinders?
    A Euro-profile cylinder is a type of cylinder used with mortice locks and are frequently found on uPVC, wooden, composite, aluminum and steel doors. Euro-profile cylinders can be installed on internal or external doors. However, the type of lock you require will depending on the door’s placement wit
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] Bored Locks Tubular Lockset
    Bored locks are installed in a door with two round holes bored at right angles to one another. One hole is bored through the face of the door and is referred to as the cross bore/face bore; it holds the lock body.The other hole is bored into the edge of the lock stile of the door and is referred to
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] What are the chains and guards on doors for?
    Modern door chain locks add security in a similar way to a bolt. However, they allow a door to be opened to approximately 150 mm and still keep it securely fastened. The occupant can check a caller’s identity before fully opening the door.A ‘door guard’ provides very good security and is more robust
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] The key to buying an interior door lock
    In modern home decoration, there are usually some inconspicuous parts, which are generally overlooked by us, while play a critical role. And everyone will not begin to pay attention to them until there are problems, however it is too late. For example, indoor door locks are in contact with us every
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] How to choose right hinge size and weight
    Conventional hinges are available in different heights, widths and weights that will satisfy most doors and frames. Failure to evaluate and select the appropriate hinge size can lead to early door or hinge failure. These door and frame factors influence hinge selection:Door and frame materialFrequen
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] The necessity of panic exit device
    The scene of a fire is unpredictable. For a start, people inhale large amounts of smoke, causing fatigue and even unconsciousness. In the case of ordinary escape doors with handle locks or ball locks, it is obviously more difficult to pull down or turn the handle to push the door out. If the smoke i
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] How to choose Panic Exit Device for doors?
    The exit device is available in two design styles.1.The contemporary touch bar (touch bar) type:The touch bar type usually is a one-piece assembly consisting of a rectangular body extending from the lock stile to the hinge stile. Part of the body protrudes beyond the unit as a touch bar (touch pad/c
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] How to determine the type of door hinge?
    The hinge is one of the most active components of a door unit in combination with door locks, exit devices and door closers. Generally speaking, if the right hanging device is not selected, the door will not function properly. How do we determine the proper type of hinge?There are several pieces of
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] How do I choose the right lock cylinder?
    European profile lock cylinders are the most popular type on the market. They usually have the same shape but differ in material, size, brand and especially in the type of key and locking mechanism. Lock cylinders offer security features such as anti-picking, anti-drilling, anti-shattering and anti-
  • [Guide to choosing door hardware] How to choose the fire rated door hardware?
    Fire has always been a hidden danger in our lives, which is why many public places and homes are now equipped with stainless steel fire doors. This way, in the event of a fire, our lives can be better protected. Here we take a look at the features of metal fire doors and a guide to choosing fire doo
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