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How to choose right hinge size and weight

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How to select right hinge size and weight 08

Conventional hinges are available in different heights, widths and weights that will satisfy most doors and frames. Failure to evaluate and select the appropriate hinge size can lead to early door or hinge failure.


These door and frame factors influence hinge selection:

Door and frame material

Frequency of utilization

Door weight

Door width

Door control hardware

Labeling requirements

Projecting trim

Location of opening


Select the proper weight and bearing structure

Due to the large variety of door size and weights, hinges are classified into three groups:

Heavy weight – Ball Bearing

ANSI Grade 1 Door Hinge.

Standard weight – Ball Bearing

Wooden Door Hinge

Standard weight – Plain Bearing

Stainless Steel Hinge

There are two principal factors that determine the weight and structure of the hinge - weight of door and frequency of utilization.

The weight of the door is based strictly on how much the used material weighs. It also is advisable to include the approximate weight of additional hardware installed on the door.

Use the following table for estimating the door weight since other factors, such as installed hardware, also influence the total weight of the door.

How to select right hinge size and weight 01

The next factor is the frequency of utilization. How often is the door opened and closed in a given time range (say one day)?

Below table lists the expected frequency of operation of various types of openings.

How to select right hinge size and weight 02

These frequency chart recommendations apply to all average weight doors, Heavy ball bearing hinges should be applied in larger doors (i.e. doors having a thickness of 2” or more and over a width of 3’4”.)

Another critical note which is often neglected relates to doors on which a closing devise is used. These doors should be equipped with ball bearing hinges, in spite of frequency of utilization.


Determine the size of hinge:

In order to determine the proper size of the hinge, a little information will be indispensable:

Door Height    Door Width     Door thickness     Door Weight       Trim Dimension Required


Below table lists the hinge sizes recommended for various size doors:

How to select right hinge size and weight 03

Heavy weight hinges should be specific to heavy doors and for doors expected to deal with high-frequency utilization.


Determine the width of hinge:

Using hinges that are wider than needed brings about poor appearance as the hinges will be unnecessarily protuberant. For the sake of appearances, never try hinges wider than needed.

Manufacturers publish a formula for correctly determining the width of full mortise hinges. Full mortise hinges are available in several standard widths. Choose the next closest width to satisfy the opening conditions.

How to select right hinge size and weight 04

Note: Hinge back-set for 1-3/8”, 1-3/4” and 2-1/4” thick doors is 1/4”. For doors more than 2-1/4” thick, the hinge back-set is 3/8”. Confirm hinge back-set dimension with door manufacturers.

This formula would apply only to full mortise hinges.

How to select right hinge size and weight 05

Determine the quantity of hinge

In our industry there is a rule used to determine the number of hinges needed in a door: one hinge for every 30” of door height or fraction thereof.

How to select right hinge size and weight 06

The intermediate hinge(s) help to carry the weight of the door and keep the door properly aligned in the frame, increasing the lifespan of the door.


Common Causes of Hinge Failure:

How to select right hinge size and weight 07

Door hardware is a significant part of the door, while hinges, serving as a load-bearing component, are in a critical position. The bearing capacity of hinge affects the safety performance and lifespan of the whole door. D and D HARDWARE can provide delicate and professional hardware according to different situations. Professional service and superior products will be definitely to your satisfaction.

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