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The key to buying an interior door lock

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The key to buying an interior door lock

In modern home decoration, there are usually some inconspicuous parts, which are generally overlooked by us, while play a critical role. And everyone will not begin to pay attention to them until there are problems, however it is too late. For example, indoor door locks are in contact with us every day, so we must pay attention to its procurement. However, for home improvement, because of the little knowledge of interior door locks, it is quite difficult to quickly purchase a good-looking and high-grade one. The interior door lock also plays a vital role among all the door hardware. It can be said that the privacy of our home is guaranteed by it. Simultaneously, it directly affects the performance and lifespan of the interior door. Since it is such a key component, how do we select an appropriate one?

In addition to observing its appearance, the most important of all is to check the quality of its lock cylinder and lock body, especially the lock cylinder. If the quality of the lock cylinder is poor, the probability of being opened by other items will be higher. So which aspects we are going to pay attention to?

Fire Rated Sash Door Lock-D and D Hardware

First, the material of the lock 

There are so many types of locks on the market. In terms of material, stainless steel is the best choice, except for copper. We can't be perfunctory when selecting the right material, and try to choose 304 stainless. In addition, it is not recommended to purchase iron material, as its plating is quite likely to fall off, which results in rust problem, thereby damaging the lifespan of the indoor door lock.


The body of the lock - Mortise Locks

The D and D HARDWARE range of architectural locks is manufactured to the highest engineering standards and designed to offer a high performance price ratio.

They have successfully passed the tests and meet all the requirements of BS EN 12209 / EN 1634, 240 Minutes Fire Rated. Solid stainless steel latch bolts, deadbolts, followers, for end and strike plate provide enhanced durability and security.

CE Mortise LockBathroom LockCE Night Latch Lock

Second, the lock cylinder of the interior door locks

It should be known that the quality of the lock cylinder is directly related to the safety of the indoor door lock, so we must pay more attention to its quality when selecting. Normally, a lock cylinder with fewer pins is easier to open, and those with more pins are more secure. Besides, never choose the one with less than 5 pins. In addition, for the lock body, try to choose the double tongue or multi-tongue one, which is more secure. D and D HARDWARE lock cylinder is manufactured to EN1303 and DIN 18252/09-1999 standard, quality solid brass body and 30 degree offset cam inhibits knock through. The lock cylinder is 6 pins standard, 10 pin high security with two line pins, other sizes available. A variety of lock cylinders is available.

And the key management possesses KD, KA, MK, CK and GMK.

Door Lock Cylinder Thumbturn CylinderAntique Brass Door Lock Cylinder

Third, the appearance of the interior door locks

In the current home decoration, the decorative effect of the hardware is attached an increasing importance, the interior door lock is no exception, which is directly related to the outer appearance of the interior door. Therefore, we can't ignore it’s the factor of appearance when purchasing. Usually we will pay more attention to that whether its surface is delicate and smooth, and there are no scratches and other defects. 304 stainless indoor door lock is popular. D&D lever handle is made from stainless steel 304/316, with spring assisting chassis, suitable for 35mm to 55mm thick wooden doors and metal doors. Finish: SSS, PSS, PVD, AB, AC. Same plate design with multi-lever and multi-function to confront with different applications. Sincerely meet the needs of different customers.

Hollow Lever Door HandleSolid Lever HandleSoild handle with plate

Certainly, the indoor door lock must be well selected and maintained, so that it can maintain its excellent quality as always. Therefore, in daily usage, we must not make it adhere to liquid such as moisture or detergent. Should open and close the door as gentle as possible. Once the rotation is stiff, do not apply general lubricant to the door core, instead you should use appropriate amount of pencil core foam.


D and D HARDWARE Manufacture of high quality Stainless Steel Door Lock for Fire Rated Doors, Wooden Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Escape Doors, Single Fire Rated Flush Doors, Double Doors, Security Doors, Louver Steel Doors etc. Whether you need hardware for metal, wood, or glass doors, D&D hardware have the right solution for you. Each door hardware solution is aimed to help you make a time-effective and cost-effective choice of the perfect door hardware suite. If you want to learn about more door solutions, welcome to contact us, we will definitely meet your needs and offer the perfect solutions.

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