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What is Panic bar and How to choose right model for Fire rated door?

Views: 0     Author: D and D Hardware     Publish Time: 2022-12-20      Origin: D and D Hardware


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In commercial buildings, human life and safety is always the most important issue and in emergency situations, such as fire incidents, easy and quick exits can save lives. Panic bars are the main hardware item to provide people with a quick and easy exit in an emergency situation.

In this article we will introduce you to what panic bar is and guide you in choosing the right type of panic bar to meet your requirements.

What kinds of Door Use Panic Bars?

Panic Exit doors are required to use Panic bars,Exit doors can be Single door or Double door,can be Fire rated or Non-Fire rated.The Door type decides the Panic bar type.For example,UL listed Single door would use Rim type UL Listed Panic bar.

Panic Bar

What types of Panic Bar are available?

Generally,there are 3 types of Panic bar:Rim,Vertical Rod(Surface mounted and Concealed) and Mortise type.

-Rim:Rim type Panic bar is the most popular model which is convenient for installation and maintain.It is surface mounted on door with latch projecting to strike plate to keep the door shut.It can be use on Single door,Double door with removable mullion or Rebated Double door when using with Vertical Rod Panic bar.

Panic Bars

-Vertical Rod:Vertical Rod Panic bar compare to Rim type,two point locking(top and bottom with latches) have higher security performance. It is usually used for double doors, but it is also suitable for single doors where there is high wind pressure, such as at the seaside.The installation and maintenance of Vertical Rod model is more complicated than Rim panic bar especially if it is a Concealed Rod mode.

Ul Listed Panic Bar

-Mortise type:Mortise Panic bar is less common as Rim or Vertical Rod Panic bar because it usually needs door manufacture to prepare cut-out in their workshop. The advantage is that it has more applications and functions to meet the diverse door management requirements of the project.

mortise panic bar

What are the regulation of Panic Bar?

Panic exit doors must provide free egress from inside hence Panic hardware must meet standards of American National Standards Institute (ANSI A156.3).If it is UL Listed door,also need to make sure the Panic bar is UL(Underwriter Laboratories) listed.

Commercial Door Locks

What are the materials of Panic Bars available?

Panic bars are available in Steel material and 304/316 Stainless steel material,it depends on your budget,application area and project requirements.In seashore area,it is required to use Stainless steel Grade 316.



What are the color finishes of Panic Bars available?

EN12209 mortise lock

To meet requirement of door color or aesthetic from designer,Panic bars are available in various finish such as Silver,Satin,Matt Black,Polished Brass etc.

What is the dogging feature of Panic Bar?

Dogging feature allows the latches to be held retracted to create a push/pull function,the function can be achieved by Hex dogging Key or Thumb turn piece.Dogging feature is not allowed to use on Fire rated doors as Fire rated doors required to be keep shut.

UL Door Lock

What is External Lever trim for Panic Bar?

External Lever trim is hardware item which Access from outside is required.It is available in multiple functions and models.

UL Door Closer

Basic factors to consider when choosing Panic Bar?

-Single leaf or Double door?

if Double door,it is Rebated type or Non-Rebated type,is there a mullion between 2 leaf?

-UL listed door or Non-UL listed door?

If UL listed door,need to use UL listed Panic bars.

-Door Width and Door Height?

Door width decides the length of Panic bar length and Door Height decide the length of Vertical Rod.

-Does External lever trim is required for Access from outside.

If yes,need to consider the function of External Lever trim.Do pay attention to the door thickness when ordering External Lever trims.

Final words

Playing an important role in providing free egress for people in buildings, choosing the correct type of panic bar that functions properly in an emergency situation can protect and save people's lives.Considering that,it is recommended to get professional advises from hardware company who has consultant as registered member of DHI(Door and Hardware Institute)& GAI(Guild of Architectural Ironmongers). 

ANSI Door closer

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