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How does a Euro mortise lock work?

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How does a Euro mortise lock work-D and D Hardware

The design of the mortise lock is very popular. It is a commonly used lock and is often used in commercial applications. They are sturdy and reliable, with diversified structures, and have withstood the test of time. In fact, these mortises can resist bad weather and use for decades in old houses and buildings.

The mortise lock has a long service life, and understanding its structure and principle can better install and maintain the door lock.


We will understand the working principle of the mortise lock from the following two aspects:

1. The mortise lock parts

2. How does the mortise lock work?


1. The mortise lock parts

The mortise lock must fit neatly into the mortise cutout or pocket on the door. There are four basic parts to a lock:

●Mortise lock

●Trim: Door lever, door knob or door handle

●Percussion board: Metal lining located in the hole in the door frame

●Cylinder: Where lock and unlock functions occur

How does a Euro mortise lock work-D and D Hardware

2. How does the mortise lock work?

When the mortise lock acts on the opening and closing of the door, the door handle is used to drive the latch, and the latch drives the follower to rotate, so that the latch retracts and the door opens. When the handle is reset, the latch spring of the mortise lock body acts, and the latch also resets. When the door is closed, buckle the door, keep the door closed, and the door is closed.


When the mortise lock not only acts on the opening and closing of the door, but also plays a safety role, the core safety of the mortise lock body lies in the lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is a device that twists the dead bolt and drives the latch. After inserting the key into the lock cylinder and turning it, the cam the dead bolt of the cam driving the lock cylinder to open or retract. When the door is closed, the latch fastens the door and turns the lock cylinder knob or key to lock the door to meet safety requirements.

Fire Rated Sash Door Lock-D and D Hardware

Each model and brand of mortise lock has slightly different components, but the mortise design is durable. Mortise locks are very suitable for use in commercial and high-traffic buildings. The internal mechanism design of the door lock is relatively simple to replace and maintain, which is convenient for users to use. The components are made of sturdy materials and have larger springs. Therefore, the mortise lock is widely used in commercial and residential buildings because of its strength and reliability.


D and D HARDWARE's Euro mortise locks have passed strict CE and BS EN safety tests. All kinds of mortise locks are suitable for different places such as industrial places, medical buildings, educational places, and commercial residential bulidings etc.. D and D HARDWARE can also provide customers with safe, convenient and reliable door configuration solutions.


For further information about mortise lock, click here.

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