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What are Euro-profile cylinders?

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A Euro-profile cylinder is a type of cylinder used with mortice locks and are frequently found on uPVC, wooden, composite, aluminum and steel doors.

Euro-profile cylinders can be installed on internal or external doors. However, the type of lock you require will depending on the door’s placement within a commercial or personal property.

Types of Cylinders:

Cylinder come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as you can see from the photo we have included as examples.

door cylinder

Oval and Euro-profile cylinders can be supplied in the following forms:

  • Single cylinder – key access one side only

This is suitable for applications such as garages or storage units, where only external locking and unlocking is necessary.

Half Cylinder

  • Double cylinder – key access from both sides

This means a key can be used to lock and unlock the door from either side.

Black Lock Cylinderoval double cylinder

  • Cylinder and turn – key access one side and a thumb-turn on the other(keyless). The thumb-turn is usually on the inside of the door

Mortise Lock Cylinderskey and turn cylinder

  • Half thumb-turn cylinder – Outside is keyless and a thumb-turn on the inside

These locks can be useful for scenarios in which a key is considered inconvenient. They may also be used for privacy reasons, for example in bathrooms.

Half Cylinder With Thumbturn

  • Bathroom Cylinder & turn

The Bathroom Cylinder & turn comprises a thumb-turn on the internal side, and an emergency coin-release on the exterior.

Stain Brass Lock Cylinder

Cylinder Installation and Removal

Cylinders are fixed into their lockcases.

  • Euro-profile and UK oval cylinders are secured by a long screw, commonly known as the retaining screw, which goes from the lock forend, through the lock, and into the cylinder body.

  • Where the lock has a double forend, the screw head is hidden under the decorative outer forend plate.

  • To remove the cylinder, you just simply need to unscrew the retaining screw, and then you can replace the cylinder.

door cylinders

Why measuring the Cylinder is important?

Length of cylinder is an issue for cylinders with cams. The cam has to be in the center of the lock to connect with the bolt. Assuming the lock is in the center of the door thickness, the length of the cylinder must be great enough to reach the edge of the door, and possibly a bit more, so it aligns with the face of an escutcheon.

The cylinder should not project too far beyond its escutcheon because of

  • Security – it will be more vulnerable to attack

  • Safety – you could catch your fingers on its edges whilst operating the key

  • Aesthetics – it doesn’t look very good

Doors such as uPVC entrance doors don’t have the lock fitted in the middle of the door thickness, because of the over-rebate on one face.

  • Asymmetrical cylinders are supplied

A double cylinder, or cylinder and turn, will have different lengths of barrel either side of the cam.

door lock cylinder

How to decide the Cylinder length?

Euro cylinder lock measurements should take into account the thickness of the individual door & the escutcheon height on both sides, since the lock should not protrude from either end of the door too much, nor be swallowed by the door if it is too short. The suggested protruding length will be about 3mm on each side.

As protruding locks are more vulnerable to attack from illegal activities such as lock snapping.

The formula for deciding the cylinder length for the specific door will be as follows:

Door thickness + (escutcheon height x 2) + (protruding length x 2) = Cylinder length

For example:

45mm + (9x2) + (3x2) =69mm (As usually practice, manufacturers will make it 70mm)

How to Measure a Euro Cylinder Lock?

lock cylinder

A=Total Cylinder Length

B=Inside length from center

C=Outside length from center


70mm double cylinder = Inside 35mm. Outside 35mm

80mm thumb turn cylinder = Inside 40mm. Outside 40mm

D&D can supply cylinders in a range of lengths to accommodate most door thicknesses.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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