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What is the difference between interior and exterior door hinges?

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What is the difference between interior and exterior door hinges

A door, referring to a building entrance or exit, or an apparatus that can be opened and shut at the entrance and exit. It is a device that divides a limited space and connects or blocks the entrance and exit of two or more spaces. Doors can be classified into interior doors and exterior doors. Functionally speaking, interior doors generally refer to bedroom doors and office doors, while exterior doors generally refer to security doors and fire doors.


Different functions come with different materials. There are also essential differences in the matching of accessories. Now let us briefly introduce the differences between the interior door hinge and the exterior door hinge.


We analyze from the following two points:

1. Differences in materials and size between interior door hinges and exterior door hinges.

2. Distinguish hinges from the function of the door.


1. Differentiate interior door hinges and exterior door hinges from materials

In terms of materials, the majority of interior doors are made of wood. The interior doors can perform a visual and privacy-protected function between rooms, which are consequently soundproof. While hinge is the most basic connection of a door and door frame and allows the door to rotate smoothly under the minimum friction instead of sagging.

Public Restroom Single Wood Door Solution-D and D Hardware

Basically, the exterior doors are made of metal due to the need to adapt to the inevitable weather conditions. The exterior doors are constructed to withstand all weather conditions, environmental changes and fire conditions. Not only should the corresponding hinges be perfectly suitable for the installation environment, but also they should possess the ability to withstand heavier metal doors.

In terms of size, the exterior door hinge is thicker and larger than the interior one. While in terms of materials, more materials for interior door hinges are available, such as copper and iron; 201, 304, 316 stainless steel is applied in exterior door hinges for corrosion and rust resistance. Meanwhile, stainless steel hinges are more durable and cost-effective, and with low replacement frequency.

Classroom Single Metal Door Solutions-D and D Hardware

2. Distinguish hinges from the function of the door

Interior doors are generally used for privacy-protection, so most interior door hinges have the function of opening and shutting the door.

ANSI Door HingeSS UL HingeCE Door Hinge433

Exterior door hinges have different functions depending on the installation environment. For example, the fire door hinge must be fireproof and easy to disassemble. It also needs to pass the tests of UL,ANSI and EN 1935. The exterior door not only has its own anti-theft function, but also it needs not to be effortlessly opened, so here comes the security hinge. Other doors require an auto-shutdown function that a spring hinge with automatic reset will be perfect.

Stainless Steel HingeSpring Door Hinge

Each door has its particular function, in order to stabilize the function, corresponding door hardware must be used simultaneously. In order to better perform the duty of the door, it is significant to adopt door hardware with corresponding function according to the usage scenario, environment and other related factors. D and D HARDWAREprovides excellent door hinge products, and there are also unusual hardware solutions according to different situations. Professional services and quality products will be to your satisfaction.


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