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The Daily Maintenance of Stainless Steel Door Handles

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The Daily Maintenance of Stainless Steel Door Handles-D and D Hardware

For a high-quality door, in addition to the material and manufacturing process of the door, the hardware accessories of the door are also very important. Its quality and proper maintenance will affect the service life of the entire door. Hardware accessories are an important part of the door, especially stainless steel door hardware can give people a better sense of use. This article mainly explains the maintenance of door hardware accessories from the aspect of stainless steel door handles.

When opening and closing the door, people's hands often touch the stainless steel door handle, it is easy to accumulate bacteria and bring bacteria to the hands, and it is easy to spread the bacteria to another person during use.


Here we come to understand the daily maintenance of stainless steel door handles:

1. How to do daily door handle cleaning?

2. Use the right way to open / close the door


1. How to do daily door handle cleaning?

1-1. If the stainless steel door handle is stuck with dirt during use, the dirt on it must be treated in time to prevent the dirt from corroding the door handle or entering the lock body.

1-2. The door handles are one of the items that people touch most every day, and stainless steel door handles can be cleaned with alcohol disinfection every day. Pour a small amount of alcohol on a rag to wipe the doorknob first, and then wipe the door handle dry, so that it can be cleaned and disinfected.

Please note that you need a soft rag to wipe the stainless steel door handle. Do not use tools with hard, sharp surfaces, such as steel balls, to avoid scratching the surface of the stainless steel door handle.

In addition to using alcohol, stainless steel door handles can also be cleaned with water and neutral detergent. Do not use cleaning agents containing acid and alkali, they are easy to corrode metal and shorten the service life of door handles.

EN1906 Stainless Steel Door Handle-D and D Hardware

2. Use the right way to open / close the door

Generally speaking, stainless steel door handles are not easily damaged. If the door handle is damaged quickly, there is another possibility that the door handle was used incorrectly when opening and closing the door.

Generally, when using stainless steel door handles, do not use violence to avoid damaging the door handles due to excessive force or improper force. You should hold the door handle first, and then turn the door handle until the bolt is fully retracted into the lock body to complete the opening/closing of the door, and finally release the door handle.

The cleaning of the stainless steel door handle is not only to keep the door handle clean, but also to ensure the health of the user and reduce the growth of bacteria. The correct use of the door handle can not only reduce the damage of the door handle, but also reduce the frequency of replacement, which effectively saves costs.

 The Daily Maintenance of Stainless Steel Door Handles-D and D Hardware

The stainless steel door handle of D and D HARDWARE is easy to care, fireproof, long service life, suitable for residential, hospital, education places, public places, etc. D & D hardware can also provide professional door configuration solutions. All our products strictly according to international Standard, such as the BS EN/CE, UL, ANSI, BHMA standard.


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