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What is the difference between flush hinge and flat hinge?

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flush hinge and flat hinge

A hinge is a piece of metal that connects two parts together. It is often used in the installation of doors, windows and cabinet doors. That's the stainless steel sheet that fixes the door in our house. There are two kinds of door hinges in the market: flush hinges and flat hinges. So in terms of appearance and installation convenience, what's the differences between a flat hinge and a flush hinge?


The flush hinge takes the bearing capacity of the door into account, avoids slotting design, and increases the integrality of the door, so it possesses a wider application ranges, which conforms to the applicability of different doors.

Stainless Steel HingeStainless Steel HingeStainless Steel Hinge

The difference is that when installed on the door, the flush hinge does not need to slot, directly nailed to the door. The installation location is determined by the size of the door crack, no need to destroy the overall appearance.

The flat hinge’s side of the door should be slotted so that the other side of the hinge will be set in the slot. Please bear in mind that when installing the hinge, be sure to match it with the height and width of the door slot.

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The disadvantage of flush hinge is that the bearing capacity is not as good as that of flat one, since the stress on both sides of the trench is even.

In summary, the flush hinge is easy to install need no slotting, and can be installed with screws alone. It looks gorgeous after installation. Despite the fact that you may find it complicated to install flat hinge, it is durable. You can choose the suitable one according to your preference and demand.

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