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Fire Rated Door Hinge

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  • What's Inside the Hinge?

    Door hinge is a very important part of your interior or exterior door. If your door is acting up, or you notice the squeaks and sounds when you open or close your door, chances are door hinges are to blame. To help you know more about this little, but important, piece of hardware,just put together this quick guide.

  • Types of Commercial Door Hinges

    Commercial door hinges are heavy duty, industrial door hinges designed to connect several heavy objects together to stabilize the way they turn. They're also referred to as heavy-duty, ball-bearing rollers, or heavy-duty steel door hinges.

  • How to Choose the Door Hardware of Left-Handed or Right-Handed ?

    Correctly handing an opening or an item of hardware is one of the most important skills you need to acquire when you work in the door and hardware industry. Many items of hardware have to be handed correctly when ordered from the manufacturer. For example, some models of mortise locks, door closers

  • What You Should Know About Fire Rated Hinges

    When it comes to a homeowner's quest for the best door hinges available, nothing is more important than choosing a fire rated hinge. The key to a long lasting door that withstands even the worst of fire outbreaks is strong hinges and door frame, so many people overlook the importance of choosing the right ones for their home.

  • CE Hinge for Fire Proof Door

    When used in a fire-resisting door assembly, the door leaf should be hung on single-axis hinges in accordance with local and national regulations. Hinges fitted to fire-resisting doors should be able to achieve the intended fire rating; also the hinge should be able to allow the door closing device,

  • Fire Rated Hinge for Door

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publication number 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Windows establishes the hardware requirements for fire-rated openings with builders'hardware. All hardware installed on fire-rated openings must be listed for use on fire-rated openings.Hinges or pivot

  • What You Need to Know About a UL Listed Door Hinge

    It is important that the door that you choose has the UL Listed Door Hinge, as this will make it much safer for you, your family, and those who visit you. One of the most common mistakes is using cheap ball bearing hinges for interior doorways. Although these types of door hinges will work fine, they can easily break if something happens to them, such as a large impact.

  • Heavy Duty Door Hinge and Drawer Hinges

    Heavy duty door hinges are an integral part of every door. They provide security as well as aesthetic beauty to your home. Heavy-duty use, quality, heavy duty hardware which will keep your door in proper working order. Heavy duty door hardware provides the best door hinge available for your needs.

  • What are prerequisites for a fire rated door hardware?

    Fire rated doors may fulfill fire resistance stability, integrity and insulation for a particular length of time. It's a fireproof partition using specific fire immunity, like in fire compartments, evacuation stairwells, and vertical shafts.Along with the purpose of standard doors, fire doors have t

  • Choosing a UL 10C Door Hinged Handle

    When you're buying a new home, it's a good idea to get the home appliance warranty as well. It can be difficult to know which door hinge will work best with your door because there are so many options. But when you get a UL listed door hinge, you're assured that it is going to be safe and reliable, and it won't cause any future problems for you or your family.

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