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How to choose Door Scheduling ?

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The door scheduling is suitable to the design which is belong to designer. The designers must have concept of design, and then find the door hardwares which meet the design's requirement of designers.


  • The location of door

  • The function of indoor and outdoor

  • The situation of safety

  • Interior door or exterior door

The opening direction of door

  • Single leaf or double leaf

  • Size, thickness of door, material

  • The ground lever

  • Wall space

  • The requirements of sound insulation

  • The requirements of heat insulation


Door Scheduling.jpg

3.The Successive sequence of door scheduling

3.1 Hanging

  • Door Hinge

  • Floor Spring

3.2 Door Lock

  • The double leaf door (Fixed vice door)

  • Door bolt, Dust proof socket

  • Detachable column

  • Lever trim

  • Dutch door bolt

  • The single leaf door(Main door)  

  • Mortise lock

  • Lever trim

  • Lock cylinder

3.3 Door Handle     

  • Door lever handle

  • Backplate door handle

  • Pull handle

3.4 The device of Double Door

  • Door coordinator

    Door selector

3.5 The device of Closing Door

  • Top door stopper

  • Door closer

3.6 The plate of protection

  • Planker, kick plate, anti-collision board

  • Door angle

3.7 Door stopper

  • Wall mounted door stop, floor mounted door stop, door mounted door stop

3.8 Door accessories

  • Door chain

  • Door guard

  • Sign plate 

  • Indicator

D and D Hardware has over 12 year's experiences manufacturing & suppling architectural hardware products for Metal and Wooden Doors in China, Our products include Stainless Steel Hinge, Mortice Lock, Door Lever Handle, Door Closer, Panic Exit Device, Door Stop, Door Bolt and Door Accessories etc, not only door hardware but also Door solution.

The products that we offer are tested to the most stringent international industry standards, including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA, suitable for education, healthcare, hospitality, residential and commercial applications. 


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