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How to choose the door closer?

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How to choose the door closer

Door hardware refers to hardware that is widely used in wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, etc., including door closers, floor springs, door hinges, door bolts,door locks, door stops, etc. Among them, door control hardware is a daily metal product that is extremely important for people's daily life. They are mainly floor springs and door closers.Door control hardware is generally used in shopping malls, office buildings, residences, exhibition halls and other public places where access is frequent. It can ensure that the door remains open normally or closes to its initial position in time after opening.

Reasonable configuration of door control hardware can effectively achieve the use of door functions, fire evacuation functions, security functions, etc. How to correctly configure the access control hardware, so that the door control hardware gives full play to the various functions of the door is the importance of door control hardware.


Next we will introduce one of the main pieces of door control hardware - the door closer.The following is an analysis of the selection and key points of the door closer from two aspects.

1. Understand the role of the door closer to the door control hardware

2. Choose door closers according to usage requirements

1. Understand the role of the door closer to the door control hardware

The door closer is a spring-like hydraulic device on the door. When the door is opened, it can be released by compression, and the door is automatically closed. It has the function of a spring door to ensure accurate and timely closing to the initial position after the door is opened. . The door closer has an automatic closing function to ensure that the door can be automatically closed after it is opened. The core of the hydraulic door closer design idea is to realize the control of the closing process, so that the various functional indicators of the closing process can be adjusted according to the needs of the person.


2. Choose door closers according to usage requirements

The factors that should be considered when choosing a door closer are: the width of the door, the frequency of opening the door, and the requirements for use and use.

The width of the door is the most important factor of selecting the type of door closer. Common doors include fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, and steel doors.

If the weight of the door is small, choose a model with less power. The opening frequency is a factor closely related to the quality of the product. For frequently used occasions, the sealing performance of the product should be good and the service life should be long.

Here are the key points to choose:

2-1. Is it necessary to have an automatic door stop function after opening the door;

2-2. Damping buffer function——The damping buffer is generated after the door is opened quickly with a certain position, and the damping buffer force and range can be adjusted according to the use requirements; this function is used to prevent the door or lock of colliding with the wall when the door is opened quickly, or In the emergency escape, people are prevented from losing weight when opening the door quickly and leaning forward to the ground.

2-3. Delayed slow closing of the door - the door is slowly closed at a constant speed from the maximum position of the door opening, and can be adjusted sleeplessly according to requirements. It is suitable for using in place with frequent and frequent access, especially in hospitals, where there are doors and passages for the elderly, children and disabled.

2-4. The closing force can be adjusted - it can be installed on different doors with a wide range of door weights and door widths, as well as places with high door closing resistance due to environmental reasons. Festive steeples adjustment can achieve satisfactory closing force, especially in coastal cities, vehicles and ships, etc., which are affected by wind and close the door resistance (force of the door).

2-5. Damping reset function Temporary closing performance (vertical door closer) - When opening any angle, closing the speed control valve should temporarily suspend the damping reset function.

2-6. Safe and fast super-damping closing performance (vertical door closer) - sudden application of external force during the closing of any angle should be able to close safely and quickly.

2-7. Use environment: Fire protection requirements and anti-freeze requirements for locations under minus 45° in winter.

For low temperature environments, the door closer needs to be added with antifreeze oil.

Fire doors must be fitted with door closer. Door closers for fire doors are required to comply with ANSI or EN fire standards. D and D HARDWARE door closers are tested by BS EN 1154:1997.

 CE Automatic Sliding Door CloserCE Quiet Door CloserBest Screen Door Closer


2-8. Choose according to location. For example, for applications where there is a high demand for appearance, a hidden door closer is required.

 Concealed Door CloserHidden Door Closer


These are the key points for the selection of door closers. Hardware products are small in size, but as hardware products are closely related to the building's fire prevention, escape, safety, management and energy saving, once the design or installation of moving objects is unreasonable, it will not be convenient for future practical use.

Any building's needs door hardware to be composed together. Due to the special properties and frequent use of hardware products, choosing the right hardware configuration solution and hardware products will not only prolong the service life of the product, but also make full use of its functions to be able to meet the fire protection requirements and effectively ensure the overall safety of the building. The right door hardware can facilitate people's daily use, improve the decoration of the building and make property management more effective.

The high standard of door control hardware combines quality and versatility.D and D door hardware has passed stringent safety tests (including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA) to suit different sectors such as public buildings and commercial and industrial premises, and will be further customised to provide more complete and comprehensive door control hardware solutions to customers.


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