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Protect your door with high-quality hardware

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Protect your door with high-quality hardware 01-D and D Hardware

Interior doors are ubiquitous in our daily life. They are often used as building materials, so the hardware of the door must pass the quality inspection strictly. Consumers should pay more attention to the concept of green and environmental protection, so many people choose and buy aluminum alloy interior doors. In addition to the quality of the interior door, the door body and hardware also play an important role. We must choose high-quality and appropriate door hardware; do not choose poor-quality hardware that reduces the quality of the door.

Protect your door with high-quality hardware 03D and D Hardware.jProtect your door with high-quality hardware 02D and D Hardware.j

When we grab the door handle and it falls off, or when we use the key to turn the bedroom door lock,  the key cannot be pulled out in the keyhole, we can imagine how embarrassed it is and it makes troubles. However, many people meet the problem in daily life. So we should realize that even if we purchase the best quality bedroom door, , if the hardware is of poor quality and not durable, it will be useless.

Did you know that once the hardware has been used for a long time, you will often hear the "creaking" sound when opening and closing the door? Because the inferior quality hinge is mostly made of iron leaves and iron ball bearings, the materials are easy to rust and fall off.Then the hardware hardware is deformed and loose on the door.


From the appearance, most inferior quality hinge is made of iron with less than 3mm thick resulting in uneven coating and rough surface. The impurities, length, the whole position, spacing and other deviations do not meet decoration requirements.In addition, the disadvantage of oridinary hinge is that they do not have the spring function. After installing the hinge, it must be equipped with various ball bearings; otherwise, the door panel will be blown off.

The high quality hinge is made of 304 stainless steel with thickness up to 3 mm. Uniform color and exquisite processing make the hinge heavy enough, fully thick and flexible turning, there is no "stuck" phenomenon. It looks delicate without burrs and sag. The hinge can be tested in salt spray for 240 hours.

The core of the hinge is the ball bearing, the smoothness; comfort and durability are determined by the ball bearing.

The poor quality of hinge ball bearing is caused by iron leaf which are not durable, easy to rust and lack of friction, so the door will continuously creak when they are closed and opened. The high-quality hinge are with stainless steel precision ball bearings, high use-200000 test cycles, load bearing and in accordance with international standards. It guarantees flexibility and smoothness of opening the door in silence.

01 UL Hinge DDSS001-FR-4x3x3ANSI Door HingeCE Door Hinge433 1

Choosing a good door handle saves a lot of trouble. Distinguish the good from the bad by touching and knocking. A good door handle should be touched comfortably. Therefore, when choosing to purchase, you can try to feel whether the surface treatment and operation are smooth, , there is no pricking and scratching hands situation.

When buying a hollow tube handle, we should pay attention to the fact that the thick pipe of handles should sound crisp while thin pipes are deep when tapping them gently with a hard object.

01 Door Lever Handle-DDTH003Lever Door Handle-DDSH026Durable American Door Handle-DDAH001

The center of the door is cylinder. In general, there will be 0 degree or 30 degree offset cam inhibits knock through. It needs the key and turn to the degree to open the lock. This cylinder will not come out of the lock body even without fixing the screw, so it has high safety. The more number of cylinder pins, the stronger the anti-opening performance and safer.

Poor quality cylinders are easy to be inserted by key and difficult to pull out. Therefore, when selecting a cylinder, we must be sure to verify whether the key is difficult to pull out.

01 Door Lock Cylinder DDDL003Keyway Rim Cylinder-DDLC011

All of our products are strictly according to BS EN/CE, UL, ANSI & BHMA Standard .For more information about door hardware, please click here.


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