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Listed Door Closing Device

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Listed Door Closing Device

Fire-rated openings are used to compartmentalize a building or space to prevent the spread of flame, smoke and toxic gases. The 2019 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, establishes the criteria that fire-rated doors and frames must meet.

NFPA 80 requires side hinged and pivoted fire-rated doors and frames to be tested in accordance with established testing methods and procedures listed in NFPA 252, Standard Methods of Fire Test of Door Assemblies.

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General Requirements for fire-rated openings

Chapter 4 of NFPA 80 covers the general requirements for all types of fire-rated assemblies. It defines the requirements for hardware preparations, glazing limitations, classifications of hardware for fire doors, and sills.

Fire-rated door assemblies consist of a:

Fire-rated frame

Fire-rated door

Labeled/Listed hanging device.

Labeled latching device.

Listed door closing device.



In this article, we mainly talk about the listed door closing device.


In NFPA 80, Builders hardware shall be applied only to swinging doors.


Swinging doors with Builders Hardware or Fire Door Hardware. The self-closing device is operational; that is, the active door completely closes when operated from the full opening position.

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Chapter 6 Swinging Doors with Builders Hardware

All swing doors shall be closed and latched at the time of fire.


Self-Closing Doors shall swing easily and freely and shall be equipped with a closing device to cause the door to close and latch each time it is opened.


The door closing mechanism shall not have a hold-open feature.


D&D commercial door closers are tested to UL 10C, fire rated up to 3-hours.


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