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Cross Bar Panic Exit

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The Cross Bar Panic Exit Device is designed to provide a compact, lightweight, easy to use product for residential or commercial applications where one might need an exit ramp or other barrier to protect their lives. It is an easy to install barrier that will meet or exceed federal standards for current building codes. Called the 'SAFE' rating by the National Fire Protection Association and the 'Best Buy' rating by the Consumer Product Safety Commission this product is one of the most popular and strongest on the market. The Cross Bar Panic Exit Device is a simple and effective solution for those who might need a quick barrier to save their lives.

CRL's Cross Bar Panic Exit Device combines rugged durability and convenience with an affordable price. This unobtrusive device is an effective solution for providing safe, economical mobility for senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and those working in hazardous environments. Available in both Concealed or Rim Mount models this exit device comes standard in both rim and non-removable vertical rod versions. The aluminum bar is easy to install, lightweight, and easily transports with two handles. This flexible, easy to use barrier also features a fully variable drop weight system that will adjust to the user's weight and exit speed. Also available in both black and tan color schemes this device is one of the most secure and versatile barriers on the market.

The Cross Bar Panic Exit Device is an easy to install, lightweight, and affordable barrier for those in the construction and/or maintenance industry. Used by a wide variety of professionals and consumers it is an affordable and effective barrier for a variety of situations. A strong, durable, and customizable barrier, this is one of the best barriers on the market that provides quick entry during a disaster or emergency. Whether you are looking for a simple barrier that you can install yourself or one that is pre-assembled and ready for use, the Cross Bar Panic Exit is an affordable and effective choice for your application needs.

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