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  • How to choose the fire rated door hardware?

    Fire has always been a hidden danger in our lives, which is why many public places and homes are now equipped with stainless steel fire doors. This way, in the event of a fire, our lives can be better protected. Here we take a look at the features of metal fire doors and a guide to choosing fire doo

  • Security Door Hinges

    Commercial heavy duty door hinges are specialized hardware designed to attach multiple heavy objects to a door and thus stabilize how they turn. They are most commonly referred to as heavy duty, ball-bearing hinge, or heavy-duty ball bearing hinge.

  • How to choose the door closer?

    Door hardware refers to hardware that is widely used in wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors, etc., including door closers, floor springs, door hinges, door bolts,door locks, door stops, etc. Among them, door control hardware is a daily metal product that is extremely important for people's daily

  • How to choose the Exit Device to provide Safety and Security?

    Public buildings like most industrial and commercial premises are required to meet the conflicting need for both safety and security. Regulations relating to escape from buildings and general safety have made it desirable that doors at exits in public buildings, places of public entertainment, shops

  • What's Inside the Hinge?

    Door hinge is a very important part of your interior or exterior door. If your door is acting up, or you notice the squeaks and sounds when you open or close your door, chances are door hinges are to blame. To help you know more about this little, but important, piece of hardware,just put together this quick guide.

  • The Material and Usage Range of Door Hinge

    Door hinge is the most common door accessory device, which connects the door frame to the door leaf and allows rotation between the two. The hinge can bear the weight of the door without causing the door to sag, and can make the door to rotate freely for a long time under the lowest frictional resis

  • Standard Level of American Mortice Lock

    Many buildings use mortise locks to ensure safety. From this we can know that when choosing a mortise lock, safety is the most important consideration. The mortise locks can be used in commercial and residential applications and provide strong security.The American mortise lock is the best choice fo

  • Types of Commercial Door Hinges

    Commercial door hinges are heavy duty, industrial door hinges designed to connect several heavy objects together to stabilize the way they turn. They're also referred to as heavy-duty, ball-bearing rollers, or heavy-duty steel door hinges.

  • Door Hinge Selection with Different Functions

    The stainless steel hinge is a kind of metal connecting piece, which makes the door to be installed on the door frame, so that the door can rotate freely. The hinge can be seen on any door, but it is often overlooked and used without professional selection. The following is the functional descriptio

  • Door Hardware For Businesses

    Commercial door hardware typically includes a combination dead bolt, dead lock, and a knob or push-button locks. They are all necessary components for controlling who can enter a commercial facility and for ensuring that only those authorized can enter. As many businesses grow, it becomes harder to control access by non-authorized personnel.

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