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Door Hinge Options

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The Full, litter, and UL Listed Door Hinge will be rated for up to three hours fire-rated resistance. There is no difference in the steel construction of the Full, Listed, and UL listed door hinges, so they are all excellent choices for homes and businesses. The Full and Listed door hinge has an innovative full-length sliding stem with a two-piece locking mechanism. This allows for an efficient and safe opening and closing of the door. It uses a patented cutting-edge locking system that has been tested repeatedly to withstand extreme temperatures and keep your home safe. The steel construction of the Full, Listed, and UL listed door hinges resists corrosion, making them able to resist damage from water, wind, or fire.

The Full, Listed, and UL listed door will also have an aluminum or steel support bracket for a secure and stable assembly. All these products have been designed to meet federal flame safety standards which require the door's ball bearings to be installed in an area of maximum hardness. The presence of the ball bearings helps make the door easier to open and close because the bearings are not pushed around by a large amount of pressure. The ball bearings are also specially designed to provide an optimum seal against moisture, preventing heat transfer through the door. This means that the Full, Listed, and UL Listed door will always operate quietly and smoothly, saving you money on energy and noise. When you choose these doors, you will also receive a lifetime warranty - a warranty that no other door can offer you.

If you choose the Full, Listed, and UL Listed door, you will also be able to purchase other features such as a lifetime warranty on the frame, and an unlimited lifetime warranty on the swing out trim. These door kits are made using the industry's highest quality materials, so you can trust that they will withstand your busiest use. These door designs are also available in a variety of colors and finishes to match any decor. They come with an automatic opener and a remote control for easy access and convenience. You can even buy a new door hanger to replace the one that came with your old door, offering you even more options for organizing your space.

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