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What are the requirements for the hinge of fire door?

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 What are the requirements for the hinge of fire door?

Fire doors are doors that meet the requirements for fire proof stability, integrity and insulation within a certain period of time. The use of matching door hardware can maximize the effectiveness of the fire door. Therefore, we need door hardwarewith fireproof effect. In order to open and close the fire door normally in case of fire, the fire door hinge must be certified to install the fire door. Some people may ask: "Why should fire doors be equipped with fire rated hinge? Why can't a general stainless steel hinge was installed on fire door?"

In view of the above problems, we explain why fire doors can only use certified hinges:

1. Why do we need to verify the hinge?

2. How to authenticatethe fire hinge?

3. The difference between fireproof hinge and ordinary hinge.

The new European standard EN 16034:2014 requires frames, door and door hardware must be tested and certified. The use of fire resistant door is not an option, but it is a legal obligation to install them.


2. How to authenticatethe fire hinge?

2-1. Consider the impact of fire on doors.

This door must be able to stop the fire for at least 30 minutes, but usually  it can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. The door is warped and charred, and there are often considerable air pressure differences on in sides of the door. The rapidly deformed the fire rated certified hinge can be resisted by a temperature of 1000 ° C for 180 minutes ,and then exceeds the hose flow test: a 3 minute test in which the door is repeatedly subjected to water flow impact under pressure. D and D's fire door hinges can still work normally through the above US UL and CE certification tests and can open the door normally.           

CE Hinge Certificate-D and D HardwareUL Listed Door Hinge-D and D HardwareANSI Grade 1 Hinge Certification-D and D Hardware

ANSI Grade 2 Door Hinge Certificate-D and D Hardware


 2-2. When used with door closers, the wear of the hinges are greatly increased.  

The rule of thumb is to increase the standard door closer by 20% and the backward checker to increase by 75%. The design of the fire door hinge takes this extra weight into account.

fire rated door hardware test

2-3. The absolute weight of the door. 

The standard hollow door weighs about 15 kg, and 30-minute fire door generally weighs about 40 kg. Talking about the door for 60 or 120 minutes, the weight is constantly increasing! When trying to support this quality, ordinary hinges wear out quickly, and D and D's fire-rated hinges can pass tests weighing up to 120 kilograms.


3. The difference between fireproof hinge and ordinary hinge.

Through to test comparison, we can know:

Fire door hinges are manufactured to a high standard and offer outstanding performance in both everyday use and severe fire conditions. They come in a variety of finishes and have a long warranty and are durable. In the fire prevention function, the ordinary hinge has been burnt and deformed under fire. It is difficult for the firefighters to remove the deformed door by disassembling the hinge, and the fire hinge can keep the function of the door for a certain period of time. Speed up the rescue of firefighters and ensure the safety of personnel of the building.


D and D's Hinges tested to the most stringent international industry standards, including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA, Suitable for education, healthcare, hospitality, residential and commercial applications.


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