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Why a Listed Door Hinge?

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The listed door hinge is the most commonly used door handle in the UK. It is a solid rectangular metal door that can be fixed to any door (including double hung ones) and it can be operated by a push of a button from either side. It is very easy to open (after disengaging the door lock) and it can be operated either by moving the flap up or down, or by pulling the flaps apart. A regular key must be inserted in the lock for operational convenience but a keyless door opener can also be fitted.

A listed door hinge is available in different designs. Butt hinged doors can be made from any material, however they are usually found in aluminum, steel or polycarbonate due to their excellent corrosion resistance and strength. These doors have a full flap which opens towards the centre when opened, and this feature provides excellent protection from fire and sparks in case of any disaster. This design is common on doors used as living room doors as well as kitchen doors.

Butt hinged doors are available in different colors. Black is the most common color because it looks good and matches with most interior colors, however other colors such as red, brown and cream can also be used. They have a slim profile, and they can be easily folded when not required. These types of door hinges are ideal for fire escape and garage doors, however care should be taken that they cannot block the view of the street. If you want a more attractive door hinge than a fully functioning but unloved butt hinged door hinge is the best choice.

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