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A nylon washer door hinge is a very popular option for exterior door types, particularly commercial grade door hinges which are used on shops, cafes, restaurants etc. The use of a door hinge is to add security and safety for those who are entering or leaving a building as it provides an additional layer of protection against people coming through the doors. It also adds aesthetic value to the external appearance of the building as well as extra security and convenience to the customers. It can be very easy to install and provides the highest level of security with the use of special locks. It is very much preferred by many people because of its low maintenance cost, durable nature and attractive look.

When compared to a stainless steel door hinge, the nylon washer door hinge provides a very good amount of protection and security for the people who are entering or leaving the building. They are very easy to install in terms of cutting the required holes and fixing them into the door jamb using special screws. This kind of door hinged is very convenient for those who want to minimize their effort in opening and closing the door. In terms of aesthetics, a door hinged with nylon washer provides a high level of beauty for your shop or restaurant.

If you are looking for an exterior door to use as a replacement or for your current door, you will find out that there are many different types of exterior door hinged available in the market today. You will come across ones made out of steel, aluminum, fiberglass, brass and several other materials which are very much popular these days. When choosing the material for your exterior door, you need to choose one that will be able to withstand the pressure of heavy people trying to open or shut the door. You should always keep this factor in mind before buying your door hinged.

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