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Types of Rim Exit Devices

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The Rim Exit Device is surface mounted on the face of the door. Its latch is secured by the door's frame. The rim exit device can be fire-rated and labeled as panic hardware. It works on both double and single-doors. A distinctive feature of the rim exit device is its latch, which protrudes out of the door's push bar. It is often positioned above the door's mullion.

The top rod-only version of the exit device is also available. These exit devices are used in conjunction with other hardware and can be installed without the need for special tools. The "T" option is available for devices that have no bottom rod. The model number will also indicate whether the device requires additional hardware. While choosing a top-rod-only device, keep in mind that there are several options available and that there are many ways to use rim exit devices in your home.

The Rim Exit Device works with a variety of types of doors and trims. The device is made of aluminum and can be used on wood or hollow metal doors. The Rim Exit Device is an extra-strength rim panic device and UL-listed as proper Fire Exit Hardware. It can be used on single or double doors. There are two styles available, rim style and surface vertical rod style.

Vertical rods are the most popular of the three types of exit devices. These devices are hidden within a door and are attached to the top or bottom latches. The top-only version of the vertical rods is called a "less bottom rod" device. These devices are available in all types of doors, and are often mounted on exterior doors for added security. They are non-handed and reversible. They can also be installed in interior doors if a rim exit device isn't possible.

The mortise lock style of Rim Exit Device is the most durable configuration. A mortise lock is incorporated into the door and the latch mechanism is located inside the door. The latch is retracted by a push bar. It is used on single doors or double doors with mullions. These devices are UL-listed for fire safety. These devices are best suited for buildings that need to withstand a fire for three hours.

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