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Choosing the Correct Door hinge Type For Your Doors

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A door hinge is a crucial piece of equipment for any door in your home or office. It is what lifts up and down the door when it is opened and shuts behind you when it is closed. This makes it very important that the hinges on your door are working properly and in perfect condition. There are several different types of door hinges to choose from including:

Deadbolt door hinges - These door hinges are made from one or more metal pieces forming a solid deadbolt. The pieces used in these types of door hinges are usually constructed from two pieces and mounted using a single rivet. They are typically used in conjunction with a half-mortise lock, which can be found in most residential and commercial doors. A half-mortise lock has an extra long slot that is used to secure the deadbolt in place, preventing it from being open if a door lock key is stolen.

Half Mortise and Latch-less Door Hinges - These door hinges are not commonly used in residential or commercial doors. Instead, they are more commonly seen in doors used in the industrial world. These are essentially the same as deadbolt door hinges, but they use a latch that prevents the door from being opened while the lock is locked. One of the benefits to buying new deadbolt door hinges is that they are more secure than latch-less doors, therefore making them much less likely to be broken into.

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