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Ball Bearing Hinge

Knowing that you are interested in Ball Bearing Hinge, we have listed articles on similar topics on the website for your convenience. As a professional manufacturer, we hope that this news can help you. If you are interested in learning more about the product, please feel free to contact us.
  • Types of Commercial Door Hinges

    Commercial door hinges are heavy duty, industrial door hinges designed to connect several heavy objects together to stabilize the way they turn. They're also referred to as heavy-duty, ball-bearing rollers, or heavy-duty steel door hinges.

  • How to choose a Door hinge?

    The product we introduced in this article is a door hinge, which is used to connect various doors and is a very important safety accessory. Next, we will introduce the functions and types of door hinges, and give some suggestions on how to choose door hinges.1.What’s a door hinge?2.The common types

  • How to adjust a door hinge

    The door can be said to be very important furniture, because the door used everywhere. Therefore, the door hinge is a very important hardware accessory for the door. If the door hinge is damaged or worn, the door cannot be opened easily. Them,let us introduce to you how to adjust the door hinge..The

  • Conventional hinges with Doors

    Traditional hinges with Doors There are four basic actions to follow when selecting or scheduling hardware. These measures follow the logical sequence in the hardware could be installed:1) Hang the door2) Secure the door3) Control the door4) Protect the door Just as the quality o

  • ANSI/BHMA A156.1 Butt Hinge

    American National Standard Institute (ANSI) ANSI 156.1 ItemANSI 156.1 Cycle-testGrade 1: 2,500,000Grade 2: 1,500,000Grade 3: 350,000Fire TestPass UL 10 C 3 hours fire testAnti-corrosionSalt Spray Test 200 hours This Standard establishes requirements for butts and hinges. Cycle tests, lateral and v

  • The UL Listed Door Hinge - A Must Have!

    A heavy-duty exterior door hinge is required for use in commercial applications where the door is used as a primary entrance to the building. It is also required to ensure that the door is able to withstand extreme conditions. The best doors on the market are usually rated by one to five on a five-point scale for their strength and fire resistance.

  • ANSI Grade 1 UL Listed Fire Door Hinge

    DATA SHEETSANSI/BHMA A156.1:2016AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD FORBUTTS AND HINGES Model: DDSS001- 4.5x4.5x4.6mm-4BBGrade: 1Hinge height: 4.5 InchesDoor Weight: 150 lbs

  • What You Should Know About Rivet Tip Doors

    Rivet Tip Door Hinge is specially designed door hinge which are used in the industry for more than a century. Rivet Tip has made itself as a name for a quality product which is not only a long lasting but also an inexpensive product.

  • A UL Listed Door Hinge May Be Worth the Money

    In the US, where the economy is in a downturn, finding cheap door hangers and window clasps may be impossible but not so in Japan. For this reason, people in Japan go to great lengths to make their homes look beautiful, even when they are miles away from any metropolitan centers.

  • Choosing the Correct Door hinge Type For Your Doors

    A door hinge is a crucial piece of equipment for any door in your home or office. It is what lifts up and down the door when it is opened and shuts behind you when it is closed. This makes it very important that the hinges on your door are working properly and in perfect condition.

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