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Door Hinge Selection with Different Functions

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Door Hinge Selection with Different Functions-D and D Hardware

The stainless steel hinge is a kind of metal connecting piece, which makes the door to be installed on the door frame, so that the door can rotate freely. The hinge can be seen on any door, but it is often overlooked and used without professional selection.


The following is the functional description of different types of stainless steel door hinges:


1. Butt hinges

The butt hinge is the most common kind of hinge.

Th butt hinge can be seen in any door, but the butt hinge is one of the professionally functional door hinges. For example, on a fire door: Fire doors are the doors used to maintain the fire integrity of the escape route and provide a means of escape. Blocking smoke and heat is an important function of fire rated doors.The fire door specification requires the use of high-quality fire hinges. In the case of British standards, the fire door hardware must be tested for the fire door through the fire door EN1634. It also needs to comply with the formal inspection requirements of EN/CE and is certified by a third-party certification body. The stainless steel hinges must comply with BS EN1935. The US standard fired door hinges must be tested by ANSI/BHMA156.1.

CE Door Hinge433 1ANSI Door HingeUL Full Mortise Door Hinge.

2. Concealed hinges

Concealed hinges are high-end hinges for upscale hotel doors and residential entry doors.

Invisible Wood Door HingePolished Brass Hidden Door HingeBlack Concealed Hinge

3. Lift-off hinges

The lift-off hinges is often used on toilet doors. When the ascending hinge is in use, the door will remain normally closed due to the gravity of the door itself. When the descending hinge is used, the door will remain normally open due to the gravity of the door itself.

Rising Door HingeFalling Door HingeLift-off HingeLift Off Door Hinge

4. Spring hinges

Spring hinges are required for doors that are automatically closed. Generally used for relatively light doors. Such as toilet doors.

Spring Door HingeSwinging Door HingeSpring Hinge

5. Security hinges

The security hinge is used for opening the door, especially the escape door of the building. Because the escape door must open outward, the pin and knuckle that links the two hinges are exposed to the building. If the criminals pull out the pin, the entire door can be removed. When the security hinge is used, even if the pin is pulled out, the door cannot be removed.

Security HingesSecurity Door Hingessecurity hinges for outswing doors

6. Hospital hinges

The hospital hinges are used in hospitals or in detention indoor doors to prevent suicide.

Hospital Hinge

7. Electrified Hinge

The Energy Transfer Hinge (ETH) is the ideal way to pass low voltage power from the hinge jamb to the lockset without having any exposed wires. These hinges are commonly used with electric mortise & cylindrical locks, electric strikes (when on a pair of doors), electric exit trims, latch pullback devices, door mounted card readers and low voltage door lights.

Electrified Hinge

No matter what product to buy, only the right one is the best, the same is true to hinges. Different weights, different types of doors should use different hinges. The proper hinge can not only fully play the role of the door, but also prolong its service life

D and D HARDWARE is a professional door hardware manufacturer with 13 years of experience.

Our stainless steel hinges can be ues in education, healthcare, hospitality, residential and commercial applications.The door hinges have passed stric safety tests (including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA).

More information about stainless steel door hinge , click here.

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