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How do I know what size hinge I need?

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Door hinges, one of the hardware accessories, are used to connect or rotate the device so that the door can be freely opened and closed by means of hinges. In general, the hinge is composed of a pair of metal blades, and the height of the hinge plate can be adjusted up and down and left and right during installation. One of the characteristics of the door hinge is that it can be used according to the space and the opening angle of the door, so that various doors have corresponding extension.

Different objects need to pay attention to their size when using hinges.

  1. What is the size of the hinge?

  2. How to install the hinge reasonably

  1. What is the size of the hinge?

The hinge specifications are distinguished according to its material. The commonly used materials for hinges are not copper, iron, aluminum and stainless steel, and the materials are different. The performance and durability are also different. Different surface treatments make the hinges more subdivided, such as sanding hinges, brushed steel hinges, sterling silver hinges, red bronze hinges, plating hinges, etc.

The hinge specifications are also differentiated according to size. The dimensions are in terms of length and width data, calculated in inches and 1 inch equals 25.4 mm. Common specifications are 2 inches * 1.5 inches, 2 inches * 1.8 inches, 2.5 inches * 1.7 inches, 3 inches * 2 inches, 4 inches * 3 inches, 5 inches * 3 inches, 6 inches * 3.5 inches and so on.

How do I know what size hinge I need?-D and D Hardware.

 2. How to install the hinge reasonably

If you want to install a door or just want to see if the existing hinges are suitable, you need to know the thickness and width of the door. This is a quick guide chart:

Thickness of Door Hinge Dimensions

Now, just remember something. The chart above is just a guide. It's not a set of stone templates.

Door hinge position:

Most doors you see have only three hinges, but higher doors sometimes have four. Here we list the basics. These are common American standards in architecture:

1. Top hinges are usually mounted 5 inches from the top border/edge of the door.

2. The bottom hinge is installed 10 inches from the bottom edge of the finished floor.

3. The third hinge is located in the center between the top and bottom hinges.

Multiple hinges per door:

As a general rule, you will want to use one hinge for every 30 inch door or part of it.

Reference gate height:

1. A door with a maximum of 60 inches requires two hinges.

2. Doors over 60 inches but not over 90 inches require three hinges.

3. For doors over 90 inches but not over 120 inches, four hinges are recommended.

How do I know what size hinge I need?-D and D Hardware.

Choose a suitable product and can have better use effect, but also can have a better handle, we know the size of common doors under the premise of choosing the appropriate page can have better use effect.

D and D HARDWARE steel door hinges have more than 6 different colors to choose from, including sanded SSS, mirror PSS, sanded PVD, mirror PVD, red bronze AC, bronze AB, etc.

D and D HARDWARE uses stainless steel hinges, which are stronger and more rust-resistant. Stainless steel door hinges have mirror or polished surfaces. The use of door hinges in outdoor or bathroom doors will cause water and corrosion problems everywhere. Stainless steel hinges can resist these problems, and can maintain long-term beauty and long service life.

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