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Selecting Hinges For Doors

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Doors are often one of the weakest points in any home. In fact many times when you are trying to enter or leave a home, you have to try and avoid hitting this particular part of the house that has thedoor hinges. With this in mind, most homeowners understand how important it is to make sure that they have the right type of security hinges for that home in order to prevent them from being harmed by intruders while trying to gain entry or leave a home. There are a couple of different types of door hinges that homeowners can purchase to help them keep their home safe and secure without having to take the time to mess around with the different door hinge parts inside of the door itself. One of the most common types of security hinges found in doors is the hollow metal or steel butt hinge.

Hollow metal security hinges are one of the most common types of door hinges used on the market today. These are created with the use of metal alloys that give the door the appearance of being hollow when it is not. Many of these types of security hinges are known for being extremely lightweight, so they can be quickly and easily moved around when needed. One of the best parts of the hollow steel security hinges is that they do not have the ability to be removed from their location, which makes it very difficult to gain access to a home or office without also unscrewing the hinges from where they rest on the door frame itself. However, with the use of non-removable pins that are added to the front or back of the hinges, there is the potential to remove them without compromising the safety of those trying to gain entry into the property.

The second type of security hinges to look for when choosing your hinges for the interior of your home or office are those that are created with two leaves. While this may seem incredibly odd at first, two leaves will make the hinges appear more natural and give a more natural appearance to the door. Two leaves can be added to the hinges by drilling into the metal as two separate holes, or by using threaded pins that are inserted into both the holes drilled into the frame and the wall to create a smooth two leaf configuration. There is always the potential for two leaves hinges to be removed in an emergency, but for most homeowners the aesthetic benefit of having two leaves on the hinges far outweighs the potential for their removal in an emergency.

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