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How to Choose a Commercial Door Handle for Your Business?

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If you're building a commercial building, you should pay special attention to the type of Commercial Door Handle you purchase. Because it is a fixture that people touch often, it can also be a breeding ground for pathogens. Here's how to choose the best commercial door handle for your business. Consider the following tips when choosing a door handle for your commercial building. You might be surprised to learn that you can find a handle that matches your existing design perfectly.

A 'D' pull commercial door handle is the best choice for locking storeroom or cupboard doors. Its offset curve and circular shape is sure to add style to your commercial doors. This handle is suitable for heavy commercial use, which is important if your business is located in a commercial building. This type is highly durable and meets the latest building regulations and fire regulations.

Some commercial door handles do not have screws. In this case, you can try prodding them with a straightened paper clip. It should easily release. Be careful not to remove any screws while doing so, because you might accidentally snap off an electrical wire or break the lock. Replace the lockset as well, as this will prevent any further damage. If you're replacing an old handle, make sure you buy a new one with a new lockset.

While choosing a commercial door handle for your business, take into consideration the design and functionality of the doors you install. Keep in mind that you may want to replace the handle after a few years. A door that is prone to scratches can be a hassle to clean, so a smooth metal finish is a must. You'll also want to think about the push and pull plates that add stability to your doors. Door stops can also help protect your doors' handles and nearby surfaces from wear and tear.

Commercial Door Handles can be found in many grades, depending on the requirements of your business. There are light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty models. For places with constant use, you may need to install a heavy-duty knob or lever. Some of these handles have a key-in cylinder for security. Some are lockable or have removable key cores. Make sure to check for certification to ensure your door handles are compliant with your company's safety requirements.

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