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Different Types of Door Hinges

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A door hinge, as the name suggests, is used to open and close a door. It is designed with a knob that has either a spring or a knob which is locked by a bolt. The door itself swings open and closed by this hinge and the door jambs also contain a metal flap that is fixed in the respective slot on both sides of the door. They are fitted with pins which pull up and down on a metal frame that forms the flange. This framework is fixed in place using stainless steel screws.

An articulating door hinge is a door hinge in which the door moves from side to side. There is a sliding movement from right to left. This type has been used in doors for years and they make it easy for users to open and close the doors even if there are no handles. The design allows the door to be able to swing from side to side thus opening and closing smoothly. The main drawback of this type is that the pins used in the operation do not insert in the groove on the top of the bolt or they do not go through the flat area on the top of the bolt and the heads can slide off on rough usage.

The Commercial grade door hinges for heavy use are designed for commercial purposes. They are strong and durable and have more pins in them compared to those for residential usage. The hinges may break or malfunction due to exposure to water or other elements; therefore, it is advisable to have them replaced periodically, as required.

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